How do you create success in life?

I have asked myself this question time after time, and my searching has lead me here, to this moment. Welcome! My name is Laurie Sanzana and I am looking forward to helping you find the answer that best fits your situation.

When I decided to begin an online business, I was discouraged by many of the sites that only focused on the money rather than the whole process. It took some searching before I found an organization that helps you create a business based on your passions and helps you grow as a person in the process. Their community is supportive and uplifting and keeps the journey positive; standing by your side through the challenges.

When I found the Six Figure Mentors program, I was looking for a way to create an alternative source of income so I didn’t have to be so stressed about having enough hours scheduled during the week as an Occupational Therapist in order to just pay the bills. I didn’t want to give up the profession and helping others face to face, but I was exausted by the amout of hours and energy I needed to put in during the week just to make ends meet.

I dreamed of a way I could work limited and flexible hours in my profession but still be financially stable.

I not only found a business model using the internet that meets my dream, but I found a platform for my voice where I can help so many more people on such a bigger scale, sharing the knowledge I have acquired from 20+ years as an Occupational Therapist and from my life experiences. This is the part of the business model I could never have comprehended before I began this journey!

I am here because I want to share my experiences and the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned from my struggles to help you find what you are looking for.

Maybe that is less stress in life, maybe it is more financial stability, or maybe it is self-love. Search through the information in RESOURCES and my BLOGS to find what will help decrease stress in your life.

My mission is to help support you on your journey. Check out the ABOUT THE AUTHOR page to learn more about the people who have made life changing impressions throughout my journey.