2019 Tapping World Summit

I am a strong supporter of Tapping! It truly has changed my life. I was diagnosed 15 years ago with a movement disorder that left me with debilitating tremors making it hard to walk and function. I looked like I had Parkinson’s or MS. I felt hopeless because every neurologist and doctor I saw told me there was no treatment and I would just have to figure out how to live with this disability. After a few years of painful suffering I stumbled across the Tapping World Summit and it honestly made me cry! Just to know that there was hope and a tool I could learn to heal my body and mind was something I had been praying for…and here it is!

I now use tapping for every challenge I encounter and teach it to the children and parents I work with as an Occupational Therapist. Today, I live as normal of a life as I could hope for. Tapping truly transformed my life, health and who I am deep down. I am so grateful to Nick and Jessica Ortner for making Tapping accessible to the world and for their charity work and research to help trauma victims across the world.

This is the best investment you will ever make! Take action to change your life today!

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