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Have You Lost Your Positive Vibe? Find out how I got mine back!

I truly feel I am finally riding the wave after a very difficult year. Have you ever felt everything seems great on the outside, but something is just not the same inside? 

It’s hard to explain to people that I just don’t feel like my happy, optimist self.  They see that on the outside our family has been blessed with a wonderful new house, my work has been going well, and we have not had to face any significant hardships. However on the inside the process of buying our new house and moving just broke me. It was not what I expected or was ready for.

On the inside I felt prickly and unsettled, just doing my best to keep my head above water. I defiantly had lost my positive vibe.

Recently I have been exploring a new idea, internet marketing. It is a way to create passive income and work any time, from anywhere.  The seed for this idea was planted years ago while I was living in Guatemala during the process of adopting our son. 

We encountered a family who had adopted multiple children and traveled the world with them throughout each adoption process.  When we asked how they could do this, the dad explained he was an internet marketer and worked from his laptop. All he needed was an internet connection.  At the time it seemed like an amazing opportunity but I didn’t really understand what internet marketing was or how you could possibly make that much income without being some type of computer expert. 

Just recently, a friend became a consultant for a company selling health products and gave my husband and I the speech about if we were to become consultants there would be no ceiling of how much we could earn, we could build financial security, and earn while others under us sell products (passive income). 

However, becoming a consultant and doing face to face selling was not something either of us were interested in…but it got me thinking. 

I love my career and what I do but having more flexibility, financial stability, and working less hours defiantly appealed to me.

So, I began searching for ways to make money online thinking of the family in Guatemala and wondering if it was really true.  I accidentally came across a very well done Facebook add that portrayed living a laptop lifestyle, traveling while earning income, financial security, and more. 

Since I had already been researching how to earn money online, watching the add was right in line with what I was looking for. 

I needed to know more about what they were talking about!

What I didn’t know was that going through the initial training and orientation was just what I needed to get my self out of the water I had been drowning in.

The education was inspirational and reminded me that with perseverance I will succeed, with a positive mindset I will change my life.

These mentors helped me to visualize what I really want my life to look like and that there are means to make that happen now, vs 10 years from now through saving and hard work in our careers. I am inspired by the idea of being able to work in my profession as a hobby in order to help others vs needing to work to pay the bills. I feel like I got my positive vibe back and am riding the wave.  It feels so good and I want to share my journey with others who are feeling like I was!

If you are in a rut, feel trapped in your job, want to be able to live by your own rules, or have lost your positive vibe…I encourage you to check out the link above.

The learning and inspirational growth I have experienced is exactly what I needed to put a smile back on my face and hope in my heart.