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Are You Afraid to Be Yourself?

I’m BACK! Me, myself, and I! When I first began looking into affiliate marketing, I began facing an identity crisis. 

I was motivated by the idea of being able to have an internet lifestyle and passive income, but I wasn’t looking to quite my day job. 

I was, and still am, happy in my career.  However, I just had too much on my plate and I wanted to be able to focus more time on family and personal health. 

However I had many fears about beginning internet marketing. What would my professional colleges think?  How would I handle judgment and rejection from complete strangers? What if I was not successful and lost more money that I could make?

However out of all those fears, the greatest was putting myself out there in the public eye.

I wasn’t ready to be my own “brand.” I thought I could sit behind the computer, faceless, and run the scenes from the back ground with my husband as the front man.

Having an internet business was never something I was passionate about but I knew it was the right step to take and for years something just kept hinting towards the idea.

The internet is not my passion however it is something I have confidence I can learn and be successful in utilizing. My initial goal when joining SFM (Six Figure Mentors),was to learn how to generate additional income to supplement my career work as I felt I was reaching my limit of what I could handle trading my time for money.

I often felt I just couldn’t fit all of life’s work challenges, family commitments and self care into a 24 hour period.  

Since then, I have learned so much!  The past few months as I have gone through hundreds of hours of SFM’s internet marketing and related books and info, I find myself realizing something invaluable.

I haven’t been just learning how to be successful with an internet business, but I have grown in finding my own identity, reflecting on what I can offer to the world outside of my career, and feeling more comfortable being me!

I am ready to revamp my business with my name and picture proudly representing my thoughts, videos, and opinions. I have a clearer idea of who I am as a“brand” and I am comfortable standing at the front with my husband’s support behind me.

This transformation is priceless and it would not have happened without the amazing support of the  SFM community.

I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing and motivating group of people who share in my values and integrity. What a huge personal growth experience I have been living these past few months.

I am ready to say “Here I am world!” and offer my heart and soul to my passion of helping others utilizing a new medium…the internet.